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Car Cup Holder Tray,Cup Holder Tray,Car Cup Holder Tray Table,Car Cup Holder with Detachable Tray, Car Cup Holder Expander,Car Cup Holder with 360 ° Rotation,fit in 2.36-3.54 inch Car Cup Holder, Compatible with All Cars

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* UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY & EXTENDABLE BASE】:Most cars may use a removable tray car cup holder extension. Size of tray: 5.4 inches broad by 9 inches long. The base may be changed from 2.36-3.54 inches in size. To make sure that the base is securely mounted on different vehicle cup holders and won't come off, the base of the eating trays for car cup holders may be changed between 2.36-3.54 inches. To release or tighten the handle, turn the automobile cup holder tray table.
* 【THE PERFECT COMPANION FOR YOUR DRVING】:This additional Car Cup Holder Trays For Eating will add space and functionality to your vehicle while keeping it organized. Our most recent multifunctional Car Cup Holder Tray Table, Car Cup Holder Trays For Eating, not only could be used as a temporary table for having meal in the car, but also a dual cups holder and an organizer of car travel accessories.
* 【MULTI FUNCTIONAL AUTOMOBILE FOOD TRAY】:Our car cup holder tray table, which differs from conventional car cup holder tray tables in that it has two cup holder holes, may be used on its own as a dual vehicle drink holder. The lower cup holder is suited for larger bottles, the U-shaped groove allows you to insert a mug with a handle, and the coaster may lessen noise while you're driving. The upper cup holder has a diameter of 3 inches.
* 【360°ROTATION REMOVABLE TRAY】:The tray of this automobile cup holder tray table is removable and has a 360-degree rotational design. You may take out the tray to create a double cup holder structure when you don't need to utilize it. The temporary cup holder tray of the automobile may fit inside with plenty to spare. You may arrange the automobile cup holder tray in the most practical and comfortable position using the flexible joint arm.
* 【FAST LNSTALLATION 】:installing a tray table with a vehicle cup holder Only three steps are required: Install the tray after making sure the base is sturdy and rotating the cup holder expanded base until the prongs extend and fasten on the car's cup holder. Lastly, set the coaster and tray mat in the appropriate locations.

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