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Car Seat Cushion for Coccyx Sciatica Tailbone Pain Relief, Seat Cushion For Car Seat Driver, Seat Cushion For Truck Driver, Car Seat Cushions For Short People,for Office Chair,Wheelchair,Plane

$51.80 USD
Color: Blue
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  • UNIVERSAL USE FOR ALL PURPOSES: Cars, office chairs, desk chairs, wheelchairs, and aircraft all accommodate seat cushions. The high-density memory foam guarantees moderate rebound and excellent support for users because of its strong elasticity and flexibility. You may say goodbye to hard, unpleasant chairs and automobile seats after employing seat cushions.
  • UPGRADED ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR PAIN RELIEF: The seat cushion is uniquely created for a very pleasant user experience, unlike other seat cushions on the market. The seat cushion has two high edges on the sides that give your body a wonderful sensation of enveloping. The cushion's design also aids in pressure distribution and reduces back, hip, sciatica, and tailbone discomfort. The dimensions (18.3" X 18.3") is sufficient to accommodate all persons and to cover the whole lower body. The cushion won't slide around while being used thanks to the non-slip bottom.
  • BREATHABLE & LIGHT: The centre of the cushion has a hollow that lets fresh air enter and exit, making the experience cooler. Yet, the majority of seat cushions on the market lack this feature. The mesh fabric material includes a lot of tiny holes that assist perspiration drain and prevent growing stinky during warm days. Our seat cushion is more breathable thanks to the surface and form design, without compromising its functionality. It is simpler to transport anyplace you wish to sit because to its small weight.
  • FIT FOR 99% CARS: 18.3" X 18.3" broad. Excellent fit for the majority of automobile seats. Your field of vision while driving will be much improved by the seat cushion, which will make you a safer driver. Long-distance weariness is reduced by the driver's ability to sit in a better driving position thanks to the back's upward curve.
  • ESSENTIAL FOR LONG-SITTING PEOPLE: Excellent pain relief for anyone who spend a lot of time sitting down, including truckers, bus/taxi drivers, travelers, programmers, students, gamers, artists, music producers, filmmakers, operators, physicians, instructors, illustrators, animators, content developers, etc.

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