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Car Shark Fin Antenna Cover, Roof Aerial Base AM/FM Radio Signal for Car SUV Truck, Vehicle Shark Fin Shape Cover with Adhesive Tape, Car Accessories Antenna Replacement Fits Most Cars

$24.99 USD
Color: Black
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* 【Universal】: This shark fin antenna will work for the majority of automobiles with flat or curved roof shapes. This shark fin antenna is waterproof, comes with a rubber band, provides a sporty vibe to the automobile, improves signal reception, and plays a decorative function. Please pay attention to the size if you want it to fit your car more comfortably.
* 【Easy to Install】: Remove the stock vehicle antenna, attach the shark fin antenna's copper wire to the stock antenna, remove the protective sticky paper, put it in place, and push firmly for a few seconds to complete the installation. There is no need to drill, and the automobile is unharmed. Before installation, wash and dry the vehicle to optimize adhesion and prevent easy removal.
* 【Good Replacement】: You can swap out your current antenna for a car finfish fin antenna. It can be used as a signal amplifier, improve the vehicle's signal while driving via the internal FM/AM connection cable, have better reception, use a high-gloss paint surface, be formulated using a number of different processes, and be as close to the original car paint as possible in order to minimize color aberration.
* 【Premium Material】: This shark fin antenna is made of sturdy ABS material, professional-grade paint treatment, and a signal board. It can be used as a car decoration and with the stock car radio antenna. By upgrading the connection to an intelligent IC signal line, it can better accept AM/FM signals and improve radio signal reception stability.
* 【Enhance Signal】: Dynamic lines decrease wind resistance and employ a strengthened signal receiver to create a reliable and powerful signal. The original receiving line is excessively lengthy, which detracts from the car's aesthetic, and the signal is intermittent, which will make you unhappy. There is no need to worry about these issues after installation. The shark fin antenna may be chosen in a number of colors and in accordance with the color of your automobile.

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