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Cargo Net, Compatible with All Cars, 2 Pack Universal Mesh Cargo Net for Car Storage, Car-Net Pocket Storage Stretchable Mesh Pocket Net Wall Sticker Organizer Pouch Bag Storage Mesh Net for Car, Trunk, RV, Boats, Home

$35.99 USD
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  • đźš™Tear-resistant Durable Material - Black polyester mesh and strong, high-tensile latex rope are used to make this trunk cargo net for strength and durability; the material is tear-resistant and won't break under pressure. And by doing this, you may expect a long service life from your cargo net.
  • đźš™Perfect Size for Most Vehicles - Keeping your car organized is made easy with this luggage net for the trunk. That will stop any debris from shifting while you're driving. You can count on this trunk cargo net to suit just about every passenger vehicle because of the stretchability of the mesh. The net is composed of high-quality materials and will survive for years in the trunk in addition to that.
  • đźš™Two Built-in Pockets - This net would prevent light objects from flying around while driving, such as groceries, tools for vehicles, toys, and similar stuff. This trunk cargo net is not only inexpensive, but it also features 2 compartments for enhanced storage organization. You will pay less for this well-made automobile trunk luggage net. Our automobile storage net has a unique design that really gives you more storage capacity. The depth and height of the three-story cargo net are 7-8.3 and 9.85 inches, respectively.
  • đźš™Stretchable and Flexible - Our cargo nets are renowned for their flexibility and extensibility. This enables them to store more than they initially appear to be able to. Our cargo nets include two pockets and are great for holding milk jugs, milk bags, and other similar-sized things. In the event that you apply heavy braking or turn too quickly, the net will prevent them from being thrown around or poured out. This automobile cargo organizer can provide your stuff more stability and security.
  • * đźš™Easy Installation - All mounting hardware is included with our cargo nets. If your car lacks built-in tie-downs, you may drill some holes in it and screw the mounting brackets in place. This trunk cargo net is safe to use in pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, and even automobiles. If needed, attach to the trunk, the back of a seat, or a side door.

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