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Large Capacity Car Seat Net Pocket Handbag Purse Holder Bag Organizer Storage Pet Net Barrier Dog Pouch Between Back Seats

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1. Extra storage space. The mesh pocket and bag bracket completely covers the space between the front two seats, making them your extra storage space.It can stretch to a perfect size depending on the space between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat in different models.

2. Thickened polyester is flexible and a special barrier to prevent playful pets in the back seat from interfering with your daily driving.

3. Drive safely. The netted bag allows you to access the contents of your wallet without taking your eyes off the road, thus reducing distractions.It eliminates the need for inconvenient wallets at the passenger's feet.

4. Easy to install. This bag holder is easy to install without drilling holes or stickers. It takes less than one minute to install. The console handrail box is covered with sufficient length of 2 tops and 1 bottom expansion rope.

5. Compatibility. Mainly compatible with front open handrail box, some car console is not suitable for this, such as side open handrail box, no handrail box, double open handrail box, sports handrail box.


Size: 40X12X26cm

Color: Black

Material: Oxford Cloth + Mesh

Package Includes:

1x Bag

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