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Smart Car Air Fresheners - 45ml Long Lasting Car Fresheners for Men, AI Car Diffuser Portable Mute Chargeable, Luxury Car Accessories, Compatible with All Cars

$104.99 USD
Color: Gulong flavor
Orders can be cancelled or modified within 24 hours after being placed.
* 💎【Long-lasting】Changing the car air fresheners after less than a week isn't easy, is it? Vehicle fresheners don't lose their aroma over time. You may avoid replacing the scent for two months if you leave it on in smart mode for 2 hours each day.
* 💎【Adjustable】Disgusted by the strong interior smell when you open the car? Depending on your demands for scent, you may choose between the LIGHT and STRONG modes on the automobile air freshener. There is also a SMART mode that only sprays when you are driving..
* 💎【Luxurious】Car accessories may show off your high-end and distinctive taste while also adding a blast of scent thanks to their integrated aluminum alloy bodies and polished mirror surface functioning interfaces.
* 💎【High-tech】The high-tech AI smart chips used in the car fresheners for men and women are in charge of changing the concentration and sensing vehicle vibration to enable Auto ON/OFF. Without taking any extra steps, you may exit the automobile and take advantage of the ease that technology has to offer.
* 💎【Portable】The 500mAh battery in the smart vehicle air freshener allows you to remove it fully out of the car and use it wherever you like—on your desk at work, in your yoga studio, in your bedroom, etc. (No noise during operation.)

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