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Stainless Steel Radiator Flexible Coolant Water Hose Kit with 2Pcs Chrome Caps

$25.99 USD
Color: 24″-Black
Orders can be cancelled or modified within 24 hours after being placed.
* APPLICATION】Radiator hose that is universal. The adaptable radiator hose system works well with 1-1/4" radiator necks.
* 【DIMENSIONS】This kit can be used with 1-1/4" radiator necks, Application: Universal. Hose Length: 24”, 48”, Hose Diameter:1-5/8”
* 【ADVANTAGE】- Stainless steel is used to make the hoses, which resist corrosion and have long-lasting aesthetic appeal, so they won't blow out or decay like rubber ones.
* 【MATERIAL】- 100% quality assurance tested, made of premium stainless steel (cap is aluminum), more responsive, less expensive, and simpler to install.
* 【ADJUSTABLE】The adjustable coolant water hose has a pipe clamp that is also adjustable, making it easy to connect the interface and preventing misalignment from happening.

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